I work with a group of talented people at General Dynamics IT. Much of the time I am mentoring team members, advocating for the continuous improvement of both the applications and the team’s skillset, and encourage test driven development. While I have lead the team, users have experience lower latency, fewer production issues, the applications are more easily scaled, and complexity is lower. As an advocate for agile, I have eliminated silos and built a self-directed team. Team morale has increased and I believe that employee’s work/life balance has improved.  After moving from a waterfall environment to Agile, the team has had a higher velocity, has shared roles, and experienced a reduction in bugs and communication has increased.

While managing my team, I also was chosen to complete GDIT’s EXCEL program, a highly competitive and intense corporate leadership program, and earned both a LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt, and a SCRUM Master certification. During my long career, I spent most of my time working on software products written for web based environments. I have worked in both a Microsoft shop where C# ran in a .NET environment and a Linux environment using Java Servlets with a JSP and AJAX front end. I spent most of my time in the latter. I also have experience in older languages such as Informix, Perl, and C++. I have used .jsp, javascript, html, AJAX, Microsoft Silverlight to create customer facing web pages.

My free time is spent with two tiny humans that I created who both love the outdoors.  My husband and I love to take them hiking, camping, Jeeping, and geocaching regularly.  I am an avid runner and swimmer. This past summer I completed a 12 mile road race, the longest run I’ve done so far. I love animals and pets and am an advocate for the environment.